Shout Out! Released for Windows Phone

We are pleased to announce the release of the Shout Out! application for Windows Phone devices.  Shout Out! allows you to record a short shout out on any topic you want and quickly share it on the Shout Out! network and any of your favorite social networks such as Facebook, twitter, google+, and more.  Add #hashtags to your Shout Outs! to get them noticed.

You can browse and play other people’s Shout Outs! quickly.  Vote on the ones you like the most.  Browse for the most popular, closest to you, or the latest Shout Outs!.

Full source code to Shout Out! is provided to our customers as a demo application of what they can do with the Trunica Convey API.

Try it out on your Windows 8 or later phone today:



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