Cordova & Visual Studio Presentation @ Microsoft

Trunica had a great time presenting at Microsoft on how to build mobile apps with Apache Cordova and  Visual Studio!

MicrosoftMeetup-10-19-2015 & Cordova Presentation

Brad Lawrence gave a presentation yesterday at the Tampa Microsoft office to a great audience of the local Tampa bay developer community.  The topic was building cross platform mobile applications using the TACO tools and Visual Studio.

This was no boring powerpoint only talk, the attendees got to see live demos of building applications across Windows, iOS, and Android in real time.  Topics including creating user interfaces, storing data in the cloud, push notifications, debugging apps in real time, and more.

Here are some excerpts from the attendees:

“Excellent, the presenter was very knowledgeable, covered the foundation and presented in a very clear manner.”

“Great demonstration of coding, performance, and deployment on different devices”

“Amazing presentation.”

Here is a link to the Presentation:

Upcoming Training

Trunica also hosts two-day training classes on building cross platform mobile applications with PhoneGap/Cordova and Visual Studio. The next class is November 4th and 5th in Tampa.  Get more information and register here:
Building Mobile Apps with Cordova and Visual Studio

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