Voice and audio messaging for mobile apps
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Voice and audio applications made easy with our Trunica Convey platform

Audio Engine

Our audio processing and delivery engine runs on the AWS or Azure cloud service to scale up capacity to meet any demand. You have the option of running the engine on your own private infrastructure. Easily tie in your favorite analytics package to the back-end datastore.

Simple API

Quickly integrate into existing applications and accelerate development of new applications. API can be utilized by native, hybrid, or web apps on any platform. Channel based design metaphor simplifies organization of content within one or more applications.

Multiple Modes

Channels can operate in a one to many broadcast mode, open channel mode, or feedback only mode. Channels can be configured for public or private access. Create as many channels as needed, each with their own configuration and access control.

Rich Toolbox

Features such as push notifications, geo-targeting, ephemeral messages, long-length content, rebroadcasting, full-text search, hashtags, sample client applications, and more allow you to focus on building an application with a rich user experience.

About Us

For business, education, volunteer efforts, or fun... We get people talking!
Our voices convey meaning and emotion that resonate.

Our mission is to help people communicate better through the use of their voices. We enable businesses and people to use their voice to improve communication with each other in a variety of vertical markets.

Our core values are passion, respect, energy, simplicity, and stewardship. These core values guide our decisions to build a sustainable business.

To achieve our mission and goals we have assembled a team of experienced professionals that have demonstrated track records of delivering successful products to market. Through the applications we and our partners develop we will get the world talking!


    Enrich voice communications


    Clear values make decisions easier


    Know your customers and partners


    Say / Do Ratio: Deliver on your promises


A diverse team of professionals with the skills and experience to succeed
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Brad Lawrence

Founder, CEO & CTO
Brad has over 25 years of experience leading teams and delivering great technology products in the banking and finance, consumer measurement, automotive, mobile, and consumer neuro-marketing industries.
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Gordon Scott

Co-Founder, CMO & CSO
Gordon has over 13 years as a sales and marketing professional in the technology industry specializing in unified communications, SaaS, application software, security, networking, and consulting services.
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Dr. Scott Geiger

Board Director
Teaches strategic & international management. Performs research into diversification, governance, business ethics, and international management.
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Jeremy Jones

Board Director
Experienced in strategic positioning, operations, business development, capital raising, and project financing. Successfully founded and sold a solar technology startup.
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Sanjay Patel

Board Director
Held various corporate finance roles at ExxonMobil. Holds a B.S. in engineering from Case Western and a MBA/MS Industrial Admin from Carnegie Mellon.
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Dr. Amy Jo Coffey

Board Advisor
Teaches audience analysis, telecommunications programming and management. Has a professional news background with CNN, television production, and radio production.
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Brandon C. Szymula

Board Advisor
Practicing attorney focusing on real property litigation. Experienced in the banking and finance industries.

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